Check out our latest prototype P12 – doesn’t it look awesome! And it goes great too! Changing the position of the ducts has vastly improved the jetpack’s performance, especially its manoeuvrability.


Welcome to the website of the Martin Jetpack

The Martin Jetpack is the result of inspiration and many years of development work by Glenn Martin and an enthusiastic team of engineers and other experts.  It uses sophisticated composites and a highly efficient propulsion system to achieve the goal of personal flight, with many safety features including a ballistic parachute.

Originally designed with the leisure market in mind, the Martin Jetpack has found strong demand from a wide range of markets, including military, civil defence and recreation. It is in the final stages of development for the first commercial customers, mainly Government users such as Search and Rescue and Police.

Today, Martin Aircraft Company is poised to introduce the unprecedented technical achievements of the Martin Jetpack to the market.

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