Safety has been a key consideration in all aspects of the development of the Martin Jetpack.  We look to enhance safety through design, manufacture, training, operations and dedicated safety systems. The Jetpack is “fly by wire” so unlike other aircraft including helicopters it is relatively easy to operate and with its ballistic parachute system that can safely recover the aircraft from a few meters above the ground it will be one of the most safest light aircraft on the market.

Pilot Protection

The pilot is protected by the pilot module and the structure of the Jetpack.  The pilot module includes a rollover bar, frontal protection and arm restraint.  The structure of the Jetpack provides protection to the pilot from the rear and side, and the landing gear provides protection from below.


A key safety system is the parachute system.  This is a ballistic parachute system, with ballistic extraction and inflation of the chute.  This leads to very quick chute opening, which enables the pilot to be saved in the case of a catastrophic failure down to a low height.

Simplicity of Design

The design of the Jetpack has been kept as simple as possible.  There is a low overall component count which aids reliability and overall safety.

Ducted Fan

Ducted fan

The use of ducted fans has a fundamental safety advantage over propellers and rotors.  The tips of the blades are contained within the duct and are less of a safety hazard than exposed blades.  This makes it safer for people near the aircraft, and reduces the risk of damage due to propellers or rotors coming into contact with objects.

Martin Jetpack ease of flight

Ease of Flight

A key component of aircraft safety comes from the ease of flight.  The Jetpack flight control system is computer controlled and stabilised.  With the current software load if the controls are released during flight the Jetpack achieves and maintains an upright attitude and maintains height (enters a hover).  During normal operations the system automatically maintains the desired height during manoeuvres.