26 January 2015

Ptich Johnson, a well-known venture capitalist from the Silicon Valley and philantrophist visited Martin Aircraft headquarters on Wednesday, 21 January.

Managing Director and CEO, Peter Coker showed Pitch around the facilities and introduced him to the team.

Pitch Johnson visit 3

 Pitch Johnson is known as the founding father of Silicon Valley, one of the most efficient start-up hubs in the world. 

Mr. Franklin Pitcher (“Pitch”) Johnson was co-founder in 1962 of Draper and Johnson Investment Company, venture capital company, and became an independent venture capitalist in 1965 as the founder of Asset Management Company.

Asset Management Company has made over 250 venture investments during its more than 47 years of operation. These have included Amgen, Applied Bio Systems, Applied Micro Circuits, Conductus, Hybritech, IDEC Pharmaceuticals, Octel, Qume, Red Brick Systems, Remedy, Sierra Semiconductor, Tandem Computer, Teradyne and Verity.

A keen aviator, Pitch also had a go on the Martin Jetpack Simulator and thoroughly enjoyed himself flying over Hong Kong International Airport.

Pitch Johnson visit 17