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The National Business Review - Martin Jetpack maker to list on ASX next Tuesday

Christchurch-based Martin Aircraft has raised $A27 million ahead of listing on the Australian stock exchange next week.

The Australian Financial Review - Regulatory concerns remain as Martin Jetpack edges closer to reality
After 30 years in the development, science fiction could become a reality, with Martin Aircraft poised for an Australian Securities Exchange IPO following a successful capital-raising exercise to bring the jetpack to market, but questions remain about the logistics, regulation and safety of having rocket men shooting around town.

The Australian - Jetpack Maker Martin to list with Chinese backing
Martin Aircraft Company this week wrote to subscribers calling for a special meeting to approve, among other things, a cornerstone $21 million investment by China-based technology company KuangChi Science. - Hong Kong investor to lift Jetpack
New Zealand's Martin Aircraft has struck a deal with Hong Kong investment fund, KuangChi Science worth up to $52.5m over the next 2 1/2 years.

The New Zealand Herald - Gadgets that will change your Life
Technology writer Peter Griffin has the Martin Jetpack on his 21st century invention wishlist.

Sydney Morning Herald - Jetpack IPO seet for lift-off with China backer
The cornerstone investment of $50 million puts Martin Aircraft, with ambitions to be the world's first to market with a commercial jetpack, back on track for an ASX listing in February.

Destination of the World News: Island Hopping by Jetpack will soon be a reality
Imagine island hopping by jetpack or taking a more thrilling trip to work through the air. This could soon become a reality, given that New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company has now begun taking orders for its sleek looking single-person jetpack.

VIDEO CLIP: BBC NEWS UK - NZ Jetpack maker floats in Australia
A New Zealand Company says it has developed the jetpack into a viable commercial venture and it is aiming to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The Enterprise Massachussetts - Jetpacks may land in Plymouth
The jetpacks are due to arrive in the country (USA) at the end of 2015 and put to market in 2016. The jetpack can launch and set up a miniature satellite that can remain stationery to help bridge commuications.

VIDEO CLIPBoston Business Journal - Massachussetts company aims to commercialize a jetpack for miltiary, first responder use.
In 2016, Plymouth-based tech company, Avwatch Inc will begin testing how a gas-powered, 380 pound jetpack could rescue people from burning buildings.

VIDEO CLIP: Breakfast on TV One - Jetpakes takes leap onto Australian Stock Exchange
Peter Coker is interviewed by host Peter Williams regarding Martin Aircraft Company's Initial Public Offering

VIDEO CLIP: Channel 7 Sunshine Australia - Jetpacks have lift off
Not only targeted at first responder sector, the jetpack has some interest from the miltary, mining and farming as well as the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Australian Financial Review - Martin Jetpack fires up the Jetsons generation
Of all the new small-scale tech listings, Martin Jetpack stands out in the 'wow' factor stakes with the promise of an easily manoeuvrable, jet-powered flying conveyance for individuals.

VIDEO CLIP: TV3 News - Kiwi Jetpack takes off in America
TV3 News NZ interviewed CEO and Managing Director Peter Coker regarding the partnership with US-based airborne first responder, Avwatch.

Gizmag: Martin Jetpack cloer to takeoff in first responder applications
The Martin Jetpack is a disruptive technology, much like the helicopter was when first developed, with substantial capabilities.

DailyMail UK: Will cops soon arrive by Jetpack?
Martin Aircraft Company reveals it is developing craft for Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.

ShareCafe - Martin Jetpack Takes Off to Disrupt Aviation
Industries from retailing to media through to financial services have been shaken up by "disruptive" technology - now it is the turn of aviation and transportation.

VIDEO CLIP: Channel 7 News (Australia) - Jetpacks not just Science Fiction
A Kiwi Company is hoping to bring jetpacks into normal life by listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.

VIDEO CLIP: Wall Street Journal - Will Jetpacks take off soon?
Investors have a chance to buy shares in New Zealand-based jetpack makre, Martin Aircraft.

VIDEO CLIP: Financial Review - Meet the Martin Jetpack
You could soon own James Bond-style Jetpack courtesy of Martin Aircraft.

VIDEO CLIP: ABC The Business - The Kiwi jetpack set to take-off on the ASX.
The Martin Jetpack is set for launch on the Australian Stock Exchange later this year, with Martin Aircraft looking to raise $25m through  an initial public offering.

VIDEO CLIP: Sydney Morning Herald - Martin Jetpack ready to take off
New jetpack takes to the skies. The inventor of a new jetpack is getting ready to start selling his creation.

The Australian Business Review: Jetpack maker plans public offering to help turn dream into reality
Martin Aircraft Company is looking to raise A$25 million through a December listing on Australia's securities exchange.

NPR- Out of The Comics, Into Reality: Jet Pack Moves Closer To Market
NPR highlights the past, present, and future of the Martin Jetpack. “What is really fantastic is taking something out of the comic books and actually using it in a practical world. This will change the whole dynamics of aviation.”

TIME Magazine- The 50 Best Inventions of 2010
The Martin Jetpack earns a front page spot on this prestigious list alongside a Flying Car, the Ipad, and other huge scientific breakthroughs.

CBS NCIS Season 7 Episode 11- Ignition
This popular TV show includes numerous mentions of the Martin Jetpack throughout the episode. “The Kiwis, everyone thinks that they are going to be the ones to crack the first viable prototype with the Martin.”

GQ Magazine- Today in Bro: Jetpacks, Bro. Jetpacks!
GQ features an update on the Martin Jetpack as it nears the market, announcing the CAA flight permit allowing the company to perform manned test flights.

Experimental Aircraft Association Martin Jetpack Reaches 5,000 Feet in Latest Test Flight
The EAA announces the latest milestone accomplishment for the team at Martin Aircraft: the jetpack reaching 5000 ft. in flight test. “This successful test brings the future another step closer,” inventor Glenn Martin said.

Popular Science - Best of What’s New 2013
Popular Science magazine includes the Martin Jetpack on the list for best of what’s new from the year 2013. The Jetpack earned a spot next to Scaled Composites Spaceship 2, BAE Systems Taranis, and NASA Chamber A.

Forbes Magazine- Practical Jetpacks (Finally) Take Off
“Jetpacks have been a staple of science fiction and movies for decades. Now a thirteen-person startup in New Zealand is flight testing a real, practical, honest-to-goodness jetpack for the masses.”

Aviation Week ‘First Practical’ Jetpack Attracts Security, Military Interest
Aviation week outlines the multiple uses for the Jetpack in emergency responder and thrill seekers. They state, “The military is also interested, for use on manned and unmanned missions ranging from radio relay to personnel insertion and cargo resupply.”

Wall Street Journal- No Flight of Fancy, the Jetpack Is Coming-From New Zealand
The Wall Street Journal provides insight on how Martin Aircraft Company prepares to launch the jetpack for consumers. Part of this step involves the Civil Aviation Authority and acquiring the necessary flight permits.

Popular Mechanics- 6 Wild New Personal Aircraft
Popular Mechanics compiled a list of newest additions to the aviation industry including the CarterCopter, the M400x Skycar and, of course, the Martin Jetpack.

Universe Today- Where’s My Jetpack? Right Here
Writer, Nancy Atkinson, reflects on the universal dream of flying a jetpack and describes the newest martin Jetpack model.

CNN- For 150k you could be Buzz Lightyear
CNN tells the story of inventor Glenn Martin’s life-long dream to build a jetpack and how his determination will change the world.

Business in Focus- Aiming High
“Imagine that you are cruising across the centre of the Grand Canyon, a jetpack strapped on to your back and nothing but the beauty and majesty of the moment between you and the ground. This is no longer science fiction or fantasy, The Martin Aircraft Company is now in the final stages of bringing to market the world’s first practical jetpack.”

NZ Edge- Local Test Flight Gets the Go-Ahead
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has granted a permit to the Martin Aircraft Company, allowing it to conduct manned test flights in New Zealand.

Engineering and Technology Magazine- Jetpack becomes a reality
This engineering magazine breaks down the specifications and features of the jetpack in a detailed annotated graphic.

Magazines Today- Ready for Blast Off
In an interview with Inventor Glenn Martin, Magazines Today captures his vision and passion for making the world’s first practical jetpack.

Zip Magazine- Awesome Jetpacks
Zip Magazine debuts the three Jet Packs that exist today: Yves Rossy and his Breitling delta wing, the Jetlev R200 water-propelled jet pack, and the Martin Aircraft Jet Pack.

TVNZ- Personal Jetpack gets Civil Aviation Authority approval
TVNZ announces a big step in the progression of Martin Jetpack with quotes from CEO Peter Coker, Pilot James Bowker, and Inventor Glenn Martin.

GizMag- The Martin Jetpack
GizMag dives into the background of the Martin Jetpack by the history, technology, and plans for production rollout.

Future Finally Arrives as Martin Jetpack approved for manned test flights
Engadget announces the approval of manned test flights for the Martin Jetpack. 

Gizmodo - 2008 Popular Science Names 100 of 'Best of What's New' Technologies
Martin Jetpack is the top 100 under Aviation and Space.