Martin jetpack earns Popular Science award

The Martin Jetpack has been selected for Popular Science Magazine’s “Best of What’s New Awards” this year.

Popular Science’s Executive Editor Cliff Ransom said "For more than a quarter of a century, Popular Science has devoted its December issue to the year's most remarkable innovations. The Best of What's New Awards is our magazine's top honor, and the 100 awardees are selected from a pool of thousands. Each winner is handpicked and revolutionary in its own way. Whether they're poised to change the world or simply your living room, the Best of What's New awardees challenge us to see the future in a new light."

Developed by Martin Aircraft Company in Christchurch, the Martin Jetpack has continuously attracted the attention of media worldwide, none more so than when it revealed details of its latest prototype, known as the P12, in August this year.

Martin Aircraft Company’s CEO, Peter Coker, said that the company was thrilled to be recognized in the Aerospace category of this year’s awards.

“Popular Science Magazine is such a well-known name worldwide and it really gives our team a boost to receive this kind of recognition ,” said Mr Coker.

Martin Aircraft Company intends to target the first responder market for initial sales of its jetpack as it advances to commercial production next year.

Mr Coker indicated that the company is continuing its flight testing schedule with an upgraded engine soon to be fitted allowing the flight envelope to be expanded even further.