Progress report on P12

We have had a huge amount of international interest from media, potential investors, purchasers and distributors since we released images of our new prototype P12.

So where are we at with the P12 jetpack now?

We have flown the P12 manned to prove the capability and we are now back into a remote flying phase as we expand the flight envelope to Technical Product Specification 1.   Manned test flights will take place again later in the year as part of the full test schedule.  Previous prototypes have flown manned so this is not a big step for us although the performance of P12 is considerably greater than any other prototype and it will be the basis for our pre-production model.

We have received authorisation from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority for us to conduct manned flight tests on P12 with the jetpack currently being classified as a Class 1 microlight aircraft.

As part of our testing programme we are making some modifications to the jetpack’s V4 engine. We are currently developing the engine to extend the Time Between Overhaul (TBO).  This development work is focusing on the bottom end of the engine and improving the crankshaft design, including going to a single piece crank.  There are also other areas where we are looking to make small improvements, which will make the engine more durable and decrease the maintenance requirements.  We hope to have the engine fitted to P12 by the end of the year.