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Photo Mr Zdenek Ricar (Centre) Mr Jan Spudich (Front) and the MACSRO Staff at CIAF2015.

8 September 2015

Prague based Alliance Partners Martin Aircraft Company s.r.o. (MACSRO) this weekend at Hradec Kralove airport unveil for the first time in the Czech Republic the world's first practical jetpack at the Czech International Air Fest (CIAF).

Held during the weekend of 5/6 September at the airport in Hradec Králové crowds of over 150,000 spectators and aviation professionals gathered to take part in one of Eastern Europe's major aviation events a highlight for many will be the opportunity to see firsthand something straight out of a James Bond movie.

Securing the rights to be the very first European company to offer this exciting new mode of transport has been made possible through the efforts of well-known local business leader Mr Zdenek Ricar and his business partner Mr Jan Spudich both of whom are technology enthusiast and Managing Directors of MACSRO.

Managing Director Mr Zdenek Ricar said that "We are very excited to lead the European aviation community in the being the first to offer Martin Jetpacks. Over the weekend at the airshow we exhibited the Jetpack to potential regional customers and suppliers, as well as providing simulator flight demonstrations".

Mr Jan Spudich added that "With the Czech Republic's history of aviation excellence it makes sense to launch the Martin Jetpack here at CIAF as is the largest air show and competition of top military and civilian aircraft in the Czech Republic".

"We are already in early stage discussions with potential customers here and the opportunity to see firsthand what a jetpack looks like and explore its operational capabilities through the use of the high fidelity simulator has been a real success for us here at the Air Show" said Spudich.

MACSRO has plans to open a Show Room later in the Year for European customers to visit.