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对于在香港和中国大陆的投资者,我们推荐的股票经纪人为澳大利亚宝泰证券公司的杜筝( Mr David Du of Bell Potter Securities )


David Du

Ph: +613 9235 1728

Mobile: 0412 029888

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Board Committees

Audit and Risk Committee

  • John Diddams – Chair
  • Jenny Morel
  • Jon Mayson

Remuneration Committee

  • Steve Bayliss – Chair
  • Glenn Martin
  • Jenny Morel

Share Price and Tools

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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to maximising performance, generating appropriate levels of Shareholder value and financial return and sustaining the growth and success of the Martin Aircraft Company business and the Martin Aircraft Company brand.

In conducting business with these objectives, the Board is concerned to ensure that Martin Aircraft Company is properly managed to protect and enhance Shareholder interests, and that Martin Aircraft Company, its Directors, officers and employees operate in an appropriate environment of corporate governance. Accordingly, the Board has adopted corporate governance policies and practices designed to promote responsible management and the conduct of Martin Aircraft Company.

The Martin Aircraft Company code of conduct outlines how Martin Aircraft Company expects Directors and employees to behave and conduct business in a range of circumstances. In particular, the code requires awareness of, and compliance with, laws and regulations relevant to Martin Aircraft Company’s operations, including occupational health and safety, fair-trading and dealing, privacy and employment practices.

Details of Martin Aircraft Company’s key governance policies and practices can be found here: View Governance Policies & Practices. The charters for the Board and each of its Committees can be found here: View Board & Committee Charters.