Martin Jetpack Layout

The Target Technical Specifications for our First Production Model are detailed below

General Characteristics:

Type Class one microlight
Crew Single pilot
Height (m) 2.20
Width (m) 2.14
Depth (m) 1.75 (pilot module)
Aircraft empty weight 180kg (manned)
Max aircraft take-off weight 330kg
Payload at full fuel (Pilot + Equip weight) 100kg
Engine 200hp, 100hr TBO, low vibration
Fuel capacity 45 litre



Range 30km
Endurance (flight time) 30 minutes
Maximum airspeed 40kts (74km/h)
Cruise speed 30kts (56km/h)
Ceiling 3,000 ft AMSL
Recommended cruise height 500ft and above per aviation authoriity regulations
Take-off wind limit 15kts gusting +/- 5kts (28km/h +/- 9km/h)


Other Specifications:

Fuel and oil Runs on automotive gasoline and 2 stroke oil
Starting Internal starter
Computer aided stability "Fly by wire", no-pilot-control-input produces a zero air-speed hover
Aircraft operating rules Daylight and visual flight only
Ballistic Parachute Ballistic chute integrated into the FCS and EMS
Pilot protection Protective pilot module and structural protection