Martin Jetpack Layout

The Target Technical Specifications for our First Production Model are detailed below

General Characteristics:

Type Class one microlight
Crew Single pilot
Height (m) 2.20
Width (m) 2.14
Depth (m) 1.75 (pilot module)
Aircraft empty weight 200kg (manned)
Max aircraft take-off weight 320kg
Payload at full fuel (Pilot + Equip weight) 120kg
Engine 200hp, 100hr TBO, low vibration
Fuel capacity 45 litre



Range 30km
Endurance (flight time) 30 minutes
Maximum airspeed 40kts (74km/h)
Cruise speed 30kts (56km/h)
Ceiling 3,000 ft AMSL
Recommended cruise height 500ft and above per aviation authority regulations
Take-off wind limit 15kts gusting +/- 5kts (28km/h +/- 9km/h)


Other Specifications:

Fuel and oil Runs on automotive gasoline and 2 stroke oil
Starting Internal starter
Computer aided stability "Fly by wire", no-pilot-control-input produces a zero air-speed hover
Aircraft operating rules Daylight and visual flight only (Night vision operations possible)
Ballistic Parachute Ballistic chute integrated into the FCS and EMS
Pilot protection Protective pilot module and structural protection